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Here are the sources of the workshop and some examples of readings / films / documentaries / podcasts on the Ocean. 


  • Three references with IPBESOFB et IUCN with its repository of endangered species

  • A very didactic site to discover marine species from the surface to the abyssal plains 

  • An article on the origin of the oxygen we breathe

  • The starfish digestion video 


Image de Venti Views
  • The website of ADEME as well as France Energies Marines for MRE

  • The website of Green Marine Europe, the environmental certification program for European maritime industries

  • Innovative initiatives on the transport side such as Neoline, Grain de sail, Zephyr et Borée, Towt, Airseas

  • The tracking website to see ships live all over the planet


TV screens
  • The classics “Oceans” by Jacques Perrin or “Our planet, Planet Ocean” by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

  • “Artifishal” (about aquaculture)

  • "Cargo the hidden face of freight" 

  • "The sand investigates a disappearance" 

  • "The wisdom of the octopus" 

  • "Wrecks and pollution, the black tears of the ocean" 

  • “Seaspiracy” 

  • “Sonic Sea” on noise pollution

  • “Dams, water under high tension” on Imago

  • “Right whales vs lobsters” on ARTE (on the impacts of trap fishing)

  • The documentary series "Mediterranean, the odyssey for life" on France TV

  • The “Toxic Tour” documentary series on pollution replayed on ARTE

  • “Krill: the secret of the pack ice”

  • Many programs such as the famous "cash investigation" or the podcasts of France Inter (in particular la Terre au carré) and France Culture and France Bleu. 

  • IMAGOTV a committed film platform!


  • The French reference is the site of the IFREMER. This site explains in particular the different types of fishing. 

  • FAO with precise global statistics on fisheries and aquaculture.

  • FranceAgriMer for French data.

  • Here are some examples of apps and guides for sustainable consumption: WWF guide, MR GoodFish app, EthicOcean Ethiquetable website


Sea pollution
  • ADEME with, for example, a focus on the treatment of our waste

  • NGOs like Surfrider Foundation Europe (application to move towards Surfrider zero waste), theTara Ocean Foundation Or Zero Waste

  • The media Blutopia, "the utopia of a pollution-free ocean" with quite sought-after newsletters


Colored books


  • “Reconciling people with wildlife” by François Sarano

  • “The Plankton Handbook” by Pierre Mollo & Anne Noury

  • “In the name of the sharks” by François Sarano

  • “  Mandela’s penguins” by David Gremillet (on seabirds)


  • “Homo detritus, Critique of the waste society” by Baptiste Monsaingeon

  • "Green algae, the forbidden story" by Inès Léraud  (BD)


  • “Ocean Scrapers” by Anita Conti

  • “For a revolution in the sea, from overfishing to resilience” by Didier Gascuel

  • "An ocean of battles", the biography of Daniel Pauly by David Grémillet 


  • “Ocean, the Great Alarm” by Callum Roberts

  • “Geopolitics of the poles, towards an appropriation of polar spaces? » by Anne Choquet, Camille Escudé-Joffre and Frédéric Lasserre  

  • “Paul Watson” by Lamya Essemlali (Sea Shepherd)

  • "The Jungle of the Oceans" by Ian Urbina

  • “Tomorrow the Ocean” by Hugo Verlomme

  • "Water" by Jean-Marie Vigoureux (popularization of many physical notions around water"

  • “The sea a natural therapy for our health” by Dr Deborah Cracknell

  • KAYZEN's Special Edition  “Seas and Oceans”


Image de Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz
  • “The ocean feeling” from the LSD series on France Culture

  • "Infinitely" (including the "deep" and "cold" episodes) of France Culture

  • "A Flood and Blood" by Louie Media

  • “Water Crises” by Seismique with Emma Haziza.

  • "Whale under gravel" by Marc Mortelmans


  • One Planet, One Ocean 

  • L’Océan au coeur de l’humanité

  • Durabilité des pêches et de l’aquaculture

  • L’économie bleue durable, la maritimisation et l’océan

  • Trame verte et bleue

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