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Training to be an animator


Are you a citizen who would like to get involved in our association?

The animation trainings are “citizen” workshops for people who wish and have the time to get involved in the Ocean Collage association (volunteer workshop animation, structuring the association, etc.).

We only carry out 2 to 4 training sessions a year, for around 15 participants, to keep our collective on a human scale and encourage gentle growth. Selection is made on the basis of the form below, according to the criteria of city, motivation, time available, project, and so on.

Do not hesitate to fill it in, the waiting time is sometimes a bit long but we will be delighted to welcome you to our collective and you will see that the adventure is extraordinary!

Spinner Dolphins

Are you an organization wishing to train your staff to run the OC workshop?

For companies, local authorities and associations wishing to be autonomous in the animation of the Ocean Collage, wa can arrange for a trainer to come to your premises to animate the Ocean Collage workshop and then train your in-house team of future animators, or this can also involve inter-organization training.

This request is part of a partnership for which you can fill in the form below!

Note: we have many requests, so we'll get back to you as soon as possible, but it may take a few weeks before we can get back to you! Thank you for your understanding :-)

Our new animators said it!

We all have a link with the ocean, and as citizens and employees of the BIC Group, our ambition is to limit our impact on the planet and commit to taking action to protect it. And to start with, we need to get trained! Thank you Alice for your support during our training to use this educational tool which will now enable us to run committed workshops at BIC, federate teams and raise awareness by thinking about the oceans, the planet and future generations.

Lauriane - Associate Innovation program - Groupe BIC

Augustin - Climate Change project manager - Groupe BIC

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