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Is there a junior version of the workshop? 

Yes, there is a "junior" version of the game that can be played by first graders and upwards. The workshop lasts 1 hour for small classes.

Are there versions of the cards in other languages?

Yes we have developed a version in English and one in Spanish.

How to train to animate a workshop? 

The association offers 3h30 training courses, including access to the card game and the training guide. It is necessary to have experienced the workshop once as a participant, before the training. If you'd like to train as an individual, or if you'd like to be autonomous in running your own workshop (companies, associations, local authorities, schools, etc.), go to the Get trained page!

Is it possible to use the Ocean Collage on an event such as a festival or an exhibition?

Absolutely, we have a format adapted to this type of event. The animator then proposes a single theme and gets the participants to play for about 15 minutes.

Is it possible to organize a workshop in my city? 

Our animators can travel all over France to organize workshops, upon request. If you don't see any scheduled dates in your city, please contact us!

Is it possible to reduce the time of the workshop?

Although we recommend attending full 3.5 hours workshops, we can reduce the duration of the workshop down to 2 hours. In this case, not all themes will be addressed by all participants (each table will play on different themes, with cross-feedbacks at the end). Don't hesitate to ask your animator about this. There's also a short 1-hour "Masterclass" format (participative conference).

Is it possible to download/purchase the cards?

No, we are not yet distributing the educational material (cards and animation training guide) for the Ocean Collage. However, these materials are made available as part of our animation training courses.

Is it possible to customize the content of the workshop to the field of activity of my organization or the host event?

It is possible to discuss before the workshop with the animator, to adapt the topics covered and link them directly to your organization's activities.

I live abroad. How do I attend a workshop or training? 

It's as simple as taking part in one of our connected sessions! Dates are listed in the workshop schedule.

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