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The association


"The Ocean Collage" is a non-profit association (under the French 1901 law) founded in April 2021. It is made up of +100 passionate facilitators who animate this workshop throughout France and 10 other countries!

The O'ffice


Our Honorary Chairman

The Ocean


alice vitoux

Alice Vitoux

President (Rennes)

martine lheureux

Martine Lheureux

Co-secretary (Martinique)

Margaux Rémond couleurs.jpg

Margaux Remond

Chargée de déploiement

marie vanbremeersch

Marie Vanbremeersch

Treasurer (Marseille)

laure cabasse

Laure Cabasse

Legal representative (Paris)


Hélène Gauthier


laetitia chedru

Laëtitia Chédru

Co-Secretary (Vannes)

melanie bartosik

Mélanie Bartosik

Legal representative (Lyon)

The facilitators

Alice Vitoux présidente la fresque océane

Alice Vitoux | Creator of the workshop and President of the association

Trained as an engineer, I spent more than 10 years in the media industry as a project manager. Passionate and committed to the environmental cause and in particular the protection of the Ocean, I have been involved since 2017 as a freelance in the support of private or public projects related to the ecological transition and the preservation of marine ecosystems. 

Co-founder of "The Climate Fresk" association in 2018 as an administrator and member of the board of the Paris branch of Surfrider Foundation Europe, I had the idea in 2019 to create a game that finally talks about the Ocean in a systemic way, to raise awareness of all the impacts related to human activities, but also to highlight the many services it provides us and how to take action to protect it!

Our partners

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